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#PNG can eject Nautilus from its internal waters

Dr Ila Temu, the spokesperson for Mining Companies in Papua New Guinea recently raised a series of points in support the Somare Government's decision to allow Nautilus Minerals to destroy the Bismarck Sea and Mining Minister Byron Chan's decision to maintain the status quo.

Dr Temu highlighted that many organizations were misinforming the public about the issue. However, if one takes a look at maps on Nautilus Minerals website, one will begin to appreciate the scale of the disaster Nautilus intends to create. Nautilus has tenements over vast areas of the Bismarck Sea and the internal waters of Milne Bay Province.

Dr Temu claims that since Nautilus Minerals has received government approvals its exploits are sound. One only has to look at Government approved projects like, Panguna, Ok Tedi Mine, Pogera and Hidden Valley to appreciate the fact that Government approvals cannot be trusted. The manner by which the Somare Government was willing to amend Environmental Laws in favour of mining companies, also indicates the the standards used to give Approvals.

In any case, what body of scientific knowledge about the Territorial waters of PNG has the Government of PNG used to create the necessary legislative, institutional, policy and regulatory frameworks necessary to approve and regulate seabed mining?

Professor Richard Steiner from the University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program reviewed Nautilus Mineral's Environmental Impact Statement. His stated in his concluding remarks that, "...clearly, the project is not sustainable, as it exploits a relatively finite mineral deposit, lasts only 30 month, contributes a relatively small amount of money to [Papua New Guinea], severely damages the benthic habitat for a rare deep sea sulfide mound ecosystem and poses risk to other marine resources in the region..."

It would be interesting for the Department of Environment and it's former boss Wari Iamo, to explain to the people of Papua New Guinea how they assessed Nautilus Minerals EIS and how they came up with monitoring mechanisms.

The recent Tumbi Landslide in the Southern Highlands highlights the risks posed by large extractive industries in terms of creating man-made disasters. Nautilus Minerals will be altering seafloor morphology in an actively tectonic region.

Natural undersea tectonic events pose a number of geohazard risks (e.g Aitape Tsunami) to coastal communities. The activities Nautilus will only add to these risks.

Dr Temu also highlighted that any action by the government to stall Nautilus Minerals' Solwara 1 project would increase Papua New Guinea's sovereign risk profile. Commenting on the possibility of government intervention, Dr Temu said, “This would also raise concerns in the international investment community of the dangers of sovereign risk."

Sovereign risk refers to the credit worthiness of the "sovereign" i.e the government and is used as a measure by financial institutions as to whether a country is worth investing in. It is measured using complex mathematics and data but in a nutshell it reflects on two main variables: political risks and fiscal risks.

Will stalling Nautilus increase PNG's sovereign risk profile? On face value yes. But when put in context, the risk is not significant. We live in a World where compared to the sovereign risk profiles of debt-ridden European Economies, PNG is a much better destination for investment.

PNG doesn't have to worry about any sovereign risk associated with small players like Nautilus Minerals when a major player like Exxon Mobil has shown confidence in PNG as a destination for major long term investments. The LNG project is a much longer, 30 year investment compared to Nautilus's 30 month mining experiment.

Recently at a recent conference in Sydney, Peter Graham, the Managing Director for Esso Highlands Ltd highlighted that the LNG Project makes PNG a good investment destination. "The Project will generate many direct benefits but also contribute indirectly to growth by stimulating associated businesses and demonstrating to the world that PNG can be an attractive investment destination," he said.

In a world where there is growing demand and depletion of natural resources, PNG is now better placed to dictate the terms by which it resources are extracted. The granting of licenses and permits to Nautilus were flawed and the injustice perpetrated against coastal communities must be corrected.

There are an increasing number of MPs in the O'Neil Government that oppose Seabed Mining. Maverick Madang politician, Ken Fairweather was the first MP to oppose experimental seabed mining. Planning Minister, Charles Abel has signed the petition against Seabed Mining and his Governor, Titus Philemon has done likewise. Oro Governor Gary Juffa leads a group of Middle Bench MPs who also would like to see a moratorium on Seabed Mining in PNG. Madang Governor Jim Kas has also expressed his opposition to the project.

Given current local and global economic conditions, Dr Ila Temu may may be exaggerating the sovereign risk associated with stopping Nautilus. Nautilus Minerals' 30 month Seabed Mining Experiment in insignificant compared to the greater scheme of things in PNG.

The people of PNG and their Leaders can confidently stop this evil act with very few adverse effects to the investment environment in PNG. The lesson here for foreign corporations is that gone are the days when you can take short cuts, mislead and bully the People of PNG.

Ila Temu Defends Nautilus- GOSH REALLY!!!!

BY Guest Writer

Well the headline in today’s Post Courier about Ila Temu defending Nautilus and their desire to use the waters around PNG to test their experimental seabed mining was about as surprising as the sun rising every morning.

As a matter of fact Ila uses the same “logic” and terms he used to defend MCC when they were coming under attack during the Ramu Nickel case. You know Ila says the comments are based on emotions NOT FACTS LIKE HIS COMMENTS! After all he has a Dr. in from of his name damn it! He then goes on *yawn* saying government approvals have been granted and it was GET HIS “unfair for a resource project to be stalled once environmental and other approvals have been received after many years of exploration, research and - ya gotta love this last one - community consultations.”

Yea right Ila - you’re on about fairness all right - and the many years of exploration and research are a joke and if you weren’t being paid so much to pitch this line you wouldn’t say it - after all it’s not “fair” and you are obviously on about “fairness”. And the community consultations - ah Ila - that doesn’t mean going out and lying to the communities telling them how great the project is and how much they will benefit. We were at five of those “community consultations” and they were nothing more that telling the folks that Nautilus was coming and they better be happy with all the benefits that are coming with their experiment.

Now get this everyone Ila - no let’s call him Dr. Temu for this one - let’s you know where there good Dr. is coming from - Dr. Temu has URGED the members of the public to seek facts from “relevant government” ministries or GUESS WHO ELSE - according to the good Dr? - why the companies themselves OF COURSE!!!!! We kid you NOT! That’s what he URGES the public to do.

Yea right Ila - they wouldn’t lie to the public now would they? They are here to develop us. They are here because they love us and want to help us. That’s why they lie to us, bribe whoever they can, avoid paying taxes and destroy our environment - and the bottom line is they are here to make money for themselves and their shareholders FULL STOP!!!!! So stop with the treating we PNGeans as if we are stupid please. Those days are over Dr.

Oh and lastly why don’t you spend more time giving a damn about the people rather than the sovereign risk profile. Why don’t you really address what is fair and what isn’t? Well we know why - see Dr. the days of pushing this stuff is over in PNG. The people know!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jim Kaas sworn in as Governor of Madang

Via Howard Sindana


Jim Kaas has been sworn in as Madang Governor about half an hour ago. He has promised to deal with Madang town’s law and order problems including, possibly evicting squatter settlers.

He also aims to beautify Madang town.

Recently, Mr Kaas has been challenged by Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather, to make his stance known on the issue of Experimental Seabed Mining. Governor Kaas also faces issues affecting Madang Proince, including the controversial Ramu Nickel Mine and Pacific Maritime Industrial Zone

Vanilla still going strong in the Rai Coast of Madang




VANILLA FARMERS from Kasu community in Saidor-Rai Coast,Madang did not give up their vanilla blocks.Joseph Arango says apart from copra,buai, tobacco,garden food that are sold in the local market in Saidor and Madang, people are still selling their kilos of vanilla beans in Madang for additional cash for the family needs back home.Mr Arango says “STORI BLONG MONI INO SAVE PINIS NA MIPELA INO BISI LONG GAVMAN NA KAMPANI.”

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity ... and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.
William Blake (1757-1827) Letter to Revd Dr Trusler, 1799-08-23)

Friday, August 10, 2012

You know you’re in #PNG when…


Exxon Mobil gives Airlines PNG its Special Project Manager’s Safety Award



Peter O’Neill certainly knows how to take PNG in the right direction.


12 members of his cabinet are either current or former National Alliance MPs. One can only say that there has been a successful rebranding of the Somare Regime.


John Pundari has been appointed Environment and Conservation Minister by Peter O'Neil
This is the guy who was so keen on the Chinese Miner MCC dumping 100 million tonnes of toxic mine wastes into the Rai Coast of Madang when he was Environment Minister under the Somare Regime.
He and Arnold Amet are responsible for amending the Environment Act 2000 so that Papua New Guinean Landowners would not sue Foreign Mining companies for damages done.
John Pundari also granted a Permit to Foreign Miner Nautilus Minerals to place their Dirty Mine in our clean Bismark Sea


Patrick Pruaitch is back again as Forestry Minister. Do we really have that short a memory? How much corruption was he accused of in that Department in the past?

Check out the details here


Details about the rest of O’Neill’s Ministers can be found here

With Pruaitch in charge of Forestry, god knows whats going to happen to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture Business Leases. And as Papua New Guineans rally against experimental mining of their seas, John Pundari has been put in charge of ‘protecting’ the environment.


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Why are so many Papua New Guineans a bunch of idiots?

New damning image emerges of racism at RH Vision City

RH Vision City is a giant mall in Port Moresby, owned by human rights violator and mega logging thief Rimbunan Hijau [RH]. This is how the racist scumbags treat their staff.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Naka Blood joins fight against Experimental Bismarck Sea Mining

Foreign owned mining company, Nautilus Minerals and it’s compradors at Petromin and the Government of Papua New Guinea are facing a growing public backlash against their plans to conduct experimental mining of the Bismarck Sea.

Last night, Port Moresby based popular rap artists Naka Blood urged its fans to join the fight against plans to Experimentally mine the Bismarck Sea.

“Peoples!! Stop Experimental SeaBed Mining in Papua New Guinea,” Naka Blood posted on Facebook.

“Ol trupla kumul no sa bagarapim nest blo ol yet!!,” they added in Tok Pisin.

A public forum will be held this Friday between 1 PM and 4 PM at Tabari place in Boroko, Port Moresby. Naka Blood has urged its fans to support the cause by attending the Forum.

Meanwhile popular Australia Network TV personality, Tania Nugent has added her voice to the cause. Last night she posted a comment on this blogger’s Facebook profile, expressing her support.

“Rally! Rally! Rally! Right there with you Martyn,” she wrote.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A survey of #PNG’s fragmented political landscape in 2012


This is of course the Papua New Guinea version, played out in the most vicious arena of life in Papua New Guinea – politics.

demand 8th August 2012, after the events of the first ever session of the 9th Parliament of Papua New Guinea, an event in itself having being the result of great political intrigue building into a crescendo of expectations throughout the entire nation, fuelling discussions, small talk, rumour, from hamlet to buai station, urban centre to remote decaying district stations, middle class family dinners and settlement black market sessions…for a while capturing the nation’s attention and then suddenly evaporating into an anticlimax of supposed alliances and support on one side and defiant apathy on the other, leaving onlookers, political experts and foreign interests puzzled and irritated, let down almost, becoming discussion at dinner parties and cocktails where the antics of leaders of the land of the unexpected are discussed and examined by investors, expatriate mercenaries and missionaries, consultants and confidence men, house wives and bankers, lawyers, liars and accountants.

For an overwhelming majority…at least it seemed so… there was in the air a sense, if one knew enough or could sufficiently discern, of possible sudden moves or was it an invisible political feint…was it just intuitive deferral for 18 months or was it genuine solidarity…the rumours abound, the rhetoric oozes out of a cup full of political possibilities…bruised egos, we will return to this later..

Then of course there is that moment where the feast is unearthed and the pig is divided…who gets what and why and why not…who is embarrassed and who is irritated, who is bitterly disappointed and who is pleasantly surprised…who begins to plot their revenge and who pledges “till-death-do-us part” support…The indignant loyalists, pledging their undying love for the marriage but cheating already on their minds…the hopefuls, having sufficiently prostrated themselves, proffering their loyalty and willingness to act the bag man…the players undecided and just looking, comfortable enough in their numbers to consider migrating to where the grass may become greener…

So the recipients stand up, their trophies in hand, some of gold (economic) others no (non economic) their minds calculating a formula that factors power, wealth and perhaps people, their egos soaring for some and for others, consoling themselves that it is merely temporary and sacrifices must be made and other such excuses…

So now we have the new Ministers, the politicians who are placed in positions of leadership and expected to lead but may not be able to and may not care sufficiently to and may not be interested or even may be leaders but leaders of only their own ego and misguided self-worth. Amongst this collection are there real leaders? Survey the dreary landscape, littered with the shells of past alliances and oozing with the afterbirth of new arrangements, and see if the eye picks up a glimmer of hope standing out.

Now these new Ministers now have a great challenge ahead of them...will they manage with mediocrity or intelligent decisiveness? Of course time will tell, already there is clear indication that posts have been awarded to those who were loyal rather than those who can demonstrate true representation of the people...there are some who can manage but will they be able to rise up for the people and cry out with the necessary outrage at perpetrations against the interests of our nation, our people our future? Or will they merely go through the motions and engage in rhetoric, innuendo and meaningless but diplomatic banter on the floor of parliament an in their efforts?

This has of course been the case it appears for the last 37 years and there has been very little evidence of leadership that is fearless and aggressive, nationalistic and passionate in the protection of Papua New Guinea’s interests. Much political effort by politicians who are not necessarily leaders, has been about sitting on fences and making colourful but diplomatic and meaningless statements and speeches about issues of very little concern to the average Papua New Guinean.

Now that the Ministers have been appointed, let us see who are the puppeteers…who will pull their strings and this is not hard to make out if one were to delve behind the scenes and take note of the sponsors, to understand the links and associations and benefits that accrue or are delivered or exchanged…do these sponsors for example reside in the North and make their decisions whilst sipping green tea or do they swill champagne in their fancy clubs of exclusion in the West? Both locations bound by the unholy trinity – power, greed and profit.

Is there perhaps a possibility, and here search carefully to see the glow that is perhaps the glimmer of HOPE that indicates that there is a leader, not a politician or a minister but a true LEADER, a champion who will fight for what is just and right and stand by his people and at all times consider the interests of our economy, our future…rare but not impossible…a John Guise, dismissed for being too nationalistic and therefore radical and unpliable for future interests so to be shut out and kept out, or a Iambaky Okuk, too hard headed and cunning and no good for predictions and the appropriate manipulations required to manage by proxy and therefore left out in the cold…

So now the puppet masters continue their game of chess, advance and retreat, win or lose ground or perhaps cut swathes of timber or dig ounces of ore, even under the sea…whatever happens, there will be intrigue…bruised egos guarantee that…

What SOPAC SAYS and what they actually mean


[Remember how European Missionaries came and conned many coastal communities and stole their land. Ask the People of Rempi and Basamuk in Madang for more info, they’ll tell you. Well they're back. The European Union is sending 'missionaries' to con coastal communities and Pacific Island Nations into destroying the Sea.  _MN]

Poor ole Sopac trying to be a player in the region in regards to Experimental Seabed Mining (ESM) (ie: drink from the money trough of the Mining Companies - SOPAC’s reason for existing) has abided by the Mining Companies Plan for “training” in the region in regards to Experimental Seabed Mining (ESM). Here’s the article. We’ve provide interpretations for Akuila Tawake who has been annointed Team Leader of the EU - funded project. Check this out. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry


Deep sea mineral training in the Pacific region

By Online Editor

1:01 pm GMT+12, 08/08/2012, Fiji

A major effort is under way to inform stakeholders from Pacific Island countries and territories about the emerging deep sea minerals industry. [There’s too much resistance to our experiment and we better start doing something about it]

Akuila Tawake, Team Leader of the  European Union-funded SPC Deep Sea Minerals (DSM) Project, said that a training programme had been prepared for this regional event in order to assist stakeholders from Pacific ACP (African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States) to participate in the DSM project in a ‘meaningful and effective manner.’ [Mining companies have prepared a training but needs someone to push it for them. EU says sure and SOPAC says why sure - that’s our job.]

‘After wide consultation with stakeholders in the 15 countries participating in the project, the need to develop and implement a training programme became apparent,’ said Tawake. [It’s clear we need to counter the legimate concerns and questions arising from the experimental seabed mining.]

‘Part of this initiative includes a series of training workshops on technical, policy and fiscal matters relating to deep sea minerals.’

[One of the first things we are going to do is try to dazzle people with technical and policy matters. No one will know what we’re talking about (including most of us) but it will be impressive. Then we’ll bring out the numbers - talk about how much money we’ve invested and how much everyone is going to make. Always a winner this pitch]

Tawake said that the first of these is the Pacific ACP States Regional Training Workshop on Geological, Technological, Biological and Environmental Aspects of Deep Sea Minerals, which will take place  in Nadi, Fiji, from 13 to 17 August.

[How can folks NOT be impressed - Geological - Technological -Biological AND Environmental Aspects!!! Phew - that out to get em. Ah boys you forgot Moral and Ethical Aspects - but hell that doesn’t matter does it?]

As well as using the in-house capacity at SPC to conduct the workshop, a number of experts have been selected to assist, including two internationally renowned deep sea mineral scientists, Doctor Jim Hein and Professor Chuck Fisher.

[And even though we at SPC can conduct this workshop we’re bringing in some outside “experts” to dazzle you with facts and figures. And the two we’re bringing in our RENOWNED deep sea scientists. Are they now really? They sure are and look what the two have been doing - supporting mining industries throughout their careers! Hey we have an idea why let those who are questioning experimental seabed mining bring int RENOWNED deep sea mining scientists - who haven’t been working for the companies? How about that? Naw - can’t be doing something like that - this isn’t about debating the issue - this is about pushing experimental seabed mining! Sorry we almost forgot!]

Dr Hein, a senior scientist at the US Geological Survey, has more than 35 years’ experience in studying marine mineral deposits, while Professor Fisher, Professor of Biology at the Pennsylvania State University, has spent more than 30 years studying biological communities associated with deep sea minerals.

‘The aim of the workshop, which targets representatives from government departments such as mineral and natural resources, environment and fisheries, is  to develop and enhance the participants’ knowledge of specific geological, technological, biological and environmental issues of deep sea minerals. [ Again with the geological, technological, biological and environmental issues. Trying hard to impress us but you’re not succeeding. But nice to see who you are “tragetting” to “enhance their knowledge”. In other words convince them all is fine with digging up the sea.]

‘Representatives of civil society groups from the region have also been invited and financially supported to attend and participate,’ said Tawake. [See how great we are - not only are we inviting those damn pesky civil society groups - we’re also paying for them to come. How about that!!! Good move on our part huh?]

Countries invited to take part in the event are: Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

‘Training methods will include lectures, viewing of relevant video footage, training materials, exercises  and active discussion, so participants will be able to assess their level of understanding of various workshop topics,’ said Tawake. [We’d chosen several methods to convince the participants we’re the good guys and the experimental seabed mining is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. We’ve also designed a method to insure the participants take away exactly what we want them to in terms of supporting experimental seabed mining] - We can see the media reports already of participants telling the media how much they learned, it was a real eye-opener and on and on!

He said that the second regional training workshop, planned for the first quarter of 2013 and aimed at governments’ policy and law makers, will focus on legal frameworks, policy and legislation, as well as on strengthening the countries’ negotiation skills with the private sector. [ And then with the success of this workshop we will have another aimed at government, law makers and we’ll dazzle them with legal frameworks - scare them if they don’t come on board - and then we’ll provide them with skills on how to negotiate with the private sector (ie: how to listen and accept what the miners want full stop.]

‘A third workshop, scheduled for later in 2013, will focus on taxation and revenue management of deep sea minerals, and will target governments’ ministries of finance and their taxation authorities,’ said Tawake. [ And then the 3rd workshop will deal with all the money to be made from this great experiment]

‘These training initiatives are all part of the capacity building component of the SPC Deep Sea Minerals Project.'. [ Meaning all part of the process of insuring all “relevant” parties are on board]

For further information please contact Akuila Tawake ( on 679- 3381377

Why are many Papua New Guineans a bunch of idiots?

BY George

[I don’t usually post comments as blog posts but one commentator raises some important matters that need serious contemplation by all _ MN]


oneilsaysThere's 100k PNG citizens online. 80k citizens on Facebook. Let's double that number and estimate that there's 200k PNG people online. Compare 200k of them, to few million plus voters. Why would politicians be bothered to listen to the petition of 200k voices, claiming to be representing the few million voters? When clearly they're not.

The voters have spoken by electing crooks and thieves into parliment again. They have voted to take it up their behind for another 5 years.
I really doubt the politicians will be bothered to listen to this online petition when it clearly does not represent the wishes of the majority of png voters.

The problem is not with our leaders, Australians, Chinese traders/triads or Interpol fugitives. The problem is within. It's ourselves.

The wantok and bigman culture is killing our country. Because of wantok culture, we repeatedly choose our wantoks as leaders regardless of how bad they are for the country.
Because of bigman culture, we are not capable of independent thinking but are easily misled by conman posing as leaders.

Nothing has changed because we have not changed how we think, and how we vote.
we condemn that the NA scums and crooks are back in parliament. In Pomio, Paul Tiensten was re-elected, despite selling off the land of the people for 99 years (SABL). In East Sepik, Grand thief Somare was re-elected, despite treating the country like his own personal piggybank.

Peter O’Neil was re-elected with a landslide, despite betraying the workers of this country through the NPF scandal.

Ano Pala was re-elected, despite bringing in a fugitive to monopolize our rice, and allowing Asians a free pass.

Other examples:

(1) Peter O’Neil and Michael Somare used the police/army/judges to fight for them. Police fought their fellow brothers, army attacked their own comrades. chief justice was arrested. What for? For Peter and Michael to kiss and make up after the election? Making all of us look like fools?

(2) Michael Malabag lead a huge public protest, for timely election. ranting and railing against Peter O’Neil? What for? For Malabag to kiss and grovel at Peter's feet after elections?

(3) Belden claiming to be Jesus Christ of PNG. Yet Belden was PNG’s Judas - in charge of issuing logging permits to SABL thieves? That’s how Belden managed to accumulate massive wealth in less than 10 years as a forest minister?

(4) Chinese traders are setting up shops all over the place. like mushrooms after the rain.
but do you know that the store owners are mostly PNG locals? The Chinese traders just rent the stores from the locals.

All of these crooks and scoundrels came into power because we the voters empower them.
If we don't change our wantok and bigman culture: we will forever be responsible for our sad fate, not the Australians, not the Asians, and any other nations that we choose to blame.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

THE NEW PNG CAPITALIST CLASS: The re-emergence of the indigenous business class in PNG

Baptist Kafafi

The above heading sounds like an apt title for a book or major paper, but lets face it..power rests in the control of economic resources, as Karl Marx exhorts in the concept of the 'superstructure'.

PNGeans must begin to develop economic nationalism to the extent that we must own companies that extract our own resources from our own soil.

natg5 In my humble opinion there are certain obstacles that prevent our people from achieving this goal of economic nationalism.

1. Melanesian cultural hindrances/mindset/worldview/romanticism/work ethic etc..

2. Lack of; Educational opportunities/exposure to the realities of the outside world/fed propaganda by powers that be such as the world media and the propaganda machinery of MNC's.

3. Negative Spiritual influences that work behind the scenes even on a national scale which hinder national economic growth and prosperity.,eg..MP's who win elections through the patronage of witchcraft allow negative spiritual entities and their inherent curses to rule over their people, electorate, and even country - in the case of a PM.

What I'm trying to say is that the only way to save PNG from the Asian hordes and other opportunists is to RISE UP AND BECOME CAPITALISTS and take control of your resources, otherwise its bye-bye to everything!!!!!

One person that has definitely seen the light and has done something about it is the member-elect for Yangoru-Saussia, Hon.Richard Maru. If he becomes recognized for what he's done so far as the former MD for NDB and given a substantial economic ministry by the PM, I am dead certain he will lead the assault in economic nationalism and economically empower our people, and bring the economic power base back on-shore.

Another person who also has great potential in that regard is Peter Donigi but unfortunately the people of East Sepik had the great wisdom to vote otherwise.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh allegations emerge of corruption in O’NEIL Cabinet

HERE WE GO FOLKS, DAY ONE of the marriage between Papua New Guinea’s Kitchen Cabinet and Bedroom Cabinet; and sparks start flying in da Haus:
    • Rensie Xhira Badoposted toSharp Talk
      Our Office only has a care-take minister as announced this morning, but somehow he has decided to change the security firm at our Office and replace them with his. Isn't this too soon, Mr Caretaker and having your own security firm here a conflict of interest...Here is the beggining of CORUPTION, and I am beggining to think Namah was absolutely right in his warning to PO_(sigh)
      4 hours ago near Port Moresby ·

      • Leonnie Paranda, Robert Weber and 50 others like this.

        • Wilson Onea Conflict of interest...mmm here we start again, right from the go as care-taker...more like care taking care of oneself....oh money face...
          4 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Taw Jhey You serious?? So much for the talks about serving the people, bloody hypocrit!!!
          4 hours ago

        • Gayne Lalo Which MP is that?
          4 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Manu Asigau Dont you just love this country :P
          4 hours ago · 1

        • Tokaut Tokstret Name him Rensie
          4 hours ago via Mobile

        • Charles Lee Details Rensie Xhira Bado please.
          4 hours ago · 1

        • Margie Duckworth who???
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Peter Timan he sud be removed asap...those are the very people we trying to discourage...sore yah
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Fredrick Haru if you can't name, give us a hint and we'll work it out ourselves.
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Hanson Wambu WT hell??? Please name. Illeterate MP . Did she/he not understand caretaker. This Implicate the people who voted for him. blame the voters, not the bull.. Inap nao.....
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Peter Timan get the daily newspapers to publish it on paper..husat gat connection lo hap mas tokim ol. we dont need such people
          3 hours ago · Edited

        • Baro Gise whats the name of that prick.....maski suka suka lo ol....
          3 hours ago

        • Sorj Dogimab Here's a clue...Read todays national for the list of all caretaker ministers...
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 3

        • Kathryn Apelis Gware Is the security firm MGSS coz it's owned by yr caretaker minister???
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 3

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Hey you all, upla wait, I am just waiting for his security guards to come and stand here at our Office and I will give his details.
          3 hours ago · 2

        • Rensie Xhira BadoKathryn Apelis Gware em tasol :(
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Baro Gise i heard him talking about fighting that how you fight corruption mr minister??
          3 hours ago · 2

        • David KitchnogeRensie Xhira Bado yu wok lo Climate Change ofis a?
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Rensie Xhira BadoPeter Timan u wet pastem, Belden was once our Minister and he never interefered with our Official affairs, em harim displa em hear blo PO ba firelight stret
          3 hours ago · 8

        • Rensie Xhira BadoDavid Kitchnoge, yep!!
          3 hours ago

        • Baro GiseRensie Xhira Bado tokim danny na joe lo putim was,,,,
          3 hours ago · 2

        • David Kitchnoge ok guys i think i know who that idiot is. PO must give him to boots when he finalises his cabinet. we don't need brain dead people like him.
          3 hours ago · 2

        • Paul Reinbara em mas Patrick Pruaitch
          3 hours ago via Mobile

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Can we all establish an FB page that says " Support Namah to weed out Corruption in Govt?" and encourage Opposition leaders to follow and keep track of such issues so they can battle it out with Government na semim ol..Just a thought
          3 hours ago · 2

        • Rensie Xhira Bado No Paul Reinbara, poor guys, its not him. Read Kathryn Apelis Gware's comment.
          3 hours ago

        • Baro Gise the owner of the red dragons/desert storm team in
          3 hours ago · 1

        • David Kitchnoge em wanpla hapkas man ya.
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Taw Jhey Mr. JOHN PUNDARI?? is it??
          3 hours ago · 5

        • Jessie James He just couldn't wait. If he doesn't get the ministry he will obviously get the new one to maintain them. These security personnel will now get all govt contracts. Well I guess the ceo of a certain soe has already done this ie employed his company to do security so the precedence has been set.
          3 hours ago via Mobile

        • David Kitchnoge PO must really put his foot down and deal with such self serving behaviour by members of his government. Otherwise, BN will discredit him and kick him out in 18 months time.
          3 hours ago · 2

        • Bob Lape This is not a right move as a caretaker is a bad start
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Veronica Yobone Randy John Pundari! you just proved yourself to be one of the corrup leaders and very early in the game as well!
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Lapaia Ilima The owner of the securitry firm (JP) cheated in his elections..This is the quality of leaders we get when elections are compromised..Corrupt, selfish buggers..
          3 hours ago · 7

        • Dominic Tulo Belden Namah was at one stage on fb. Can someone close to him or with his contacts tell him to get back online? I'm sure such info will greatly help him fight corruption.
          3 hours ago via Mobile

        • Cuma Png Put it on Sam Basil's wall.
          3 hours ago · 4

        • Jacqueline Marubu Please not even a permanent cabinet yet & corruption start pinis ohh PNG! confirm details and send to opp leaders office!!
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Monovi Manoni goodness!!!!
          3 hours ago · 1

        • David Kitchnoge Is anyone at the Ombudsman Commission reading this? There is nothing the opposition leader can do about this but to bitch as we all are doing. This is a classic one for the OC. WHERE ARE YOU OC?????
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Baro Gise this from PO in todays paper(the national): The new government will stamp out corruption during its term in office, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced,“We will run a country of transparency and accountability. We will run a country where we stamp out corruption whenever it occurs.” Mr O’Neill said.
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Shy Lee OC must hide ya...
          3 hours ago

        • Willz Mendpho Some of us supported Belden Namah and most of your branded a terrorist...somebdody who did not think before he spoke....well guess what this is only the begining....all those in government now have past history and only time will reveal the crookse they are!
          3 hours ago · 4

        • Dominic Tulo Such leaders engaging in such corrupt practices should be sacked from office and banned from representing the people. Come on guys. Someone do the right thing. Get this story published on both papers while it is still fresh.
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 2

        • Ilma Siriga What the....?? Some people just can't wait to get into power!
          3 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Joshua Sam ouch..itchy fingers stret!
          3 hours ago · 1

        • David Kitchnoge PO has put himself out there with his public statements about fighting corruption as reported in the press. HE MUST NOW WALK HIS TALK AND KICK A FEW SORRY ARSES FROM AMONG HIS OWN RANKS. Ombudsman Commission tu mas blari wake up from their freakin deep slumber and start ACTING!!!
          3 hours ago · 12

        • Wycliffe Norotouw em husait dsla MP ya?
          3 hours ago

        • Willz Mendpho Only Belden Namah knows and can fight corruption head...all those government can they when they are corruption themselves!
          3 hours ago · 1

        • David KitchnogeWillz Mendpho we have an institution to deal with corruption issues and its called the Ombudsman Commission. The OC must act on this allegation right now. Perhaps BN could do it if he was in a position to but he can't now.It's no use playing the "I told you so" game and reminisce on what could be. Just heap pressure on the OC to act right now.
          3 hours ago · 1

        • Willz Mendpho You and I know that without political will nothing will eventuate!....its a waste of time!
          2 hours ago · 1

        • David Kitchnoge There's also another will called the people's will. And it does not come every five years and then disappears again. People's will must be a living and breathing entity for 24/7/365. Let's make use of that if politicians don't have a will.
          2 hours ago · 3

        • Willz Mendpho I am lost! protest and strike action? We the poeple just exercised the greatest democratic power by the constitution and now you want us to go on futrher. Mi less ya...larim ol steal na kaikai gut stap...we wait for another 5 years!
          2 hours ago · 2

        • Joshua Sam time to recover the money spent on elections...
          2 hours ago · 4

        • Rei Igua Frank name the mp and don't let people in suspense. this is sharp talk and not kids kona!!!
          2 hours ago via Mobile

        • David Kitchnoge Willz Mendpho we can't possibly hold protest marches every single day, can we? There's no need for that. It is the last resort. We have the power of the social media now so let's make use of it. Perhaps send an e-mail direct to one of the Ombudsmen and publish the content of that e-mail on FB for the rest of us to follow up on and pressure them to act. Sampla kain samting olsem.
          2 hours ago · 3

        • Veronica Yobone Randy OC is death!!!!!
          2 hours ago via Mobile

        • Willz MendphoDavid Kitchnoge, mi tok larim ol kaikai and steal na corrupt yet!....ol mno nap karim go lo grave ya....!...give them a free rein to do what ever they want!....I am supporting them to steal and do more corrupt deals!
          2 hours ago · 1

        • Justin L Talopa My good brothers and sisters; real bad sign even before day one begins - I mean corruption enrouted before the actual day one. That's O'Neil Coalition (for corruption or against it????)
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Richard Angeli MGSS is owned by Pundari
          2 hours ago · 3

        • Kevin Simbi more business for the "Desert Storm" team. Pundari wastim prayers blo Pastor Carter lo Friday night crusade at John Guise statdium. giaman lo bow down na submit lo stage lo eye blo public tasol.
          2 hours ago · 7

        • Willz Mendpho what does darkness have in common with light??
          2 hours ago · 1

        • Chris Kaon The very people who wanted to reduce the powers of the OC are now in office...
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Rex Wellin Counter productive OC!.....OC is a joke in PNG! Ooooo Corruption!
          2 hours ago · 3

        • Wycliffe Norotouw its a shame,PO seems to be always having the wrong followers
          2 hours ago via Mobile

        • Chris Kaon ‎"legalized corrutption"
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Kevin Simbi birds of a feather ;-)
          2 hours ago

        • David KitchnogeWycliffe Norotouw PO needs to grow and act like a grown man and start kicking ass. He must have the balls to do it and stop playing the Mr Nice Guy. PNGans deserve a leader who gets his hands dirty and not some nice, sweet talking pussy.
          2 hours ago · 1

        • Geez Izzi Gullu We need a Frank Bainimarama in PNG! He's jailing the past corrupt leaders in Fiji now, check out todays PC yet???
          Belden Namah is going to be Frank Bainimarama....only time will tell.
          He said people including our politicians are scared of CHANGE but HE said he is SCARED to see things remaining the same! Bring on the change Namah! I want CHANGE..
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 9

        • Gloria John Rensie, with respect to your opinion and your view on corruption, have you any evidence to substantiate what you have just said? People have mentioned MGSS and JP in this thread and if this company and MP are who you're referring to you may have to check your sources again. I work for this company and as far as we're concerned what you've stated is not happening. You can easily be put to court for such allegations so please be mindful of that before you post such an allegation on a public forum. That said, I apologise if you were referring to a different MP and company.
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 3

        • Ilma Siriga Rens, mi kam tomora na wokim wanpla story.
          2 hours ago · 2

        • Richard Angeli Ilma Siriga na wokim displa story nau...
          2 hours ago

        • Angel Giovani What a great start to "transparency and accountability".:-{
          2 hours ago via Mobile · 1

        • Sydney Wesley PO is a softie and his hands are not clean.... Tip of the iceberg. Worst ie yet to come. Go BN and coy!!!!
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Rausim Na Social media has made this world a better place especially in fighting corruption. Let's bring it on to the next level
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 5

        • Chris Kaon ‎@GJ- if I didn't know any better-that would've sounded threatening in nature-RXB never mentioned MGSS or JP...a little jumpy???
          about an hour ago via Mobile

        • Micheal Malabag Bloody hell,what have I got myself into if this is going to be the trend.
          about an hour ago · 22

        • Cuma Png Micheal Malabag :) Madi!
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Richard Angeli Hon. Malabag, I say stay in there and attack the corruption within....
          about an hour ago · 7

        • Natascious Natasha Tell me something new :-(
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 1

        • David Kui Micheal Malabag I appreciate you saying aloud your frustration.. we are with you.. now you are in the club, fighting corruption from within the club will be much more effective then throwing spears from outside..
          about an hour ago · 7

        • Vincent Namekat And the country was expecting a change!!
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Niwel Kitayega Abel ‎@Malabag, don't forget this is sharp talk and sharp talkers have their opinions...I would say that, don't be swayed by the trend "If true", rather stand on what you believe in and as Mr. Angeli has stated, fight the dragon from inside its belly out...With you Sir...
          about an hour ago · 4

        • Wycliffe NorotouwRensie Xhira Bado,can you confirm if the firm was removed and replaced with the care-taker Minister's firm this morning or prior to this morning?
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Warwick N Lisa Costigan Mr Malabag, you can practice what you preach, and create a model case study of an MP running his electorate in an open and transparent manner, delivering as much as possible, within the constraints of budget and manpower, and of course, in compliance with those very detailed and clear-cut procedural guidelines of the PFMA, FMM, FI, etc etc etc
          about an hour ago · 9

        • Micheal MalabagRensie Xhira Bado,as mentioned by my fellow sharpie n MP Wycliffe Norotouw please give us details.
          about an hour ago · 7

        • Albert Tagua Here we go again.....whats new, PO wants to fight corruption, he has it right in front of his foot step.
          about an hour ago · 2

        • Rensie Xhira Bado I think our office is trying to intervene and advice him against that intention. There will be a meeting with him this afternoon, our carpark has been cleared and we are still waiting for him. We are crossing fingers he comes so we can advice him. Em laik sackim mipla tu em
          about an hour ago · 8

        • Tony Easter WareMicheal Malabag, that is why you are in the government Chief.. Everything happens for a reason...We have our trust in you.. Fight corruption from where it is... God will give you the strength and words to speak.. God bless...
          about an hour ago · Edited · 9

        • Margie Duckworth Good luck Mr Malabag, it will be a hard slog, but I believe you can start the ball rolling..
          about an hour ago · 4

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Micheal Malabag, its care taker minister John Pundari but our office is trying to interven and advice him against. I guess your comments and critics on FB is also making wonders. For our office is its credibility against international funding organisations, and the risks of losing support from them if politicians are heard to be interefering with us. As I am typing this, I am sitting across the room from an international expert, the two of us pulling to gether the World Bank R-PP proposal for PNG to get funding from World Bank. If she hears one or two word about this, I am going to say bye bye proposal and all my sleepless nights gone for nothing. Lets all cross fingers y'all
          about an hour ago · 15

        • James Pima Micheal Malabag, are you saying you just woke up from a sleep? Im sure you have been here long enough to know who you were going into bed with. And were you not the immediate past Public Service Union Chief? The question to you now is..What are you going to do about this and all the other corruption issues you have been highlighting when outside of parliament?
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 2

        • David Kui All Sharpies, as stated by forum members now as our elected honorable MPs Micheal Malabag and Wycliffe Norotouw we should support them by providing them the ammunition to flight corruption.. thank you Rensie Xhira Bado for bring this issue out.. suggest you provide further info to the new MPs to pursue for the interest of the country..
          about an hour ago · 7

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Mr Micheal Malabag, maybe what u can do is just throw a blanket statement to all those care taker ministers that between now and Wednesday, no one is to interfere with the official matters of the agencies they are care taking, and such arrangements must not happen as its conflict of interest.
          about an hour ago · 9

        • Margaret Ali Hhhhmmm, opportunist em em ya!!!
          about an hour ago

        • Joe SapaRensie Xhira Bado Please provide details. We can collectively help to expose and stop it. It appears procurement process has been violated and whether a contract has been executed at all. In the absence of a valid contract, the state through the responsible department is not liable to make any payments for service rendered out of public funds. Rensie, please do the right thing by providing details to Micheal Malabag or inbox me.
          about an hour ago · 6

        • James WekereRensie Xhira Bado: You have my support.
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Richard Angeli The best place to fight corruption is not from the outside but from within...Hon Malabag now has a big task on his hands like many other MPs and I say lets support them getting rid of these filth!!...Remember being an MP is a whole new ball game....
          about an hour ago · 6

        • Rensie Xhira Bado James Pima please this post is not intended to generate personal attacks, lets discuss intellectually but no personal attacks please
          about an hour ago · 5

        • Margie Duckworth ST don't shoot these two new members MM and WN, give them a chance, as someone said in an earlier thread, provide ammunition for them to go forward and start the battle
          about an hour ago · 4

        • Vincent Moses Well Sharpies, if new MPs and Ministers are going to start off like this, then I think we have also started off on a right note! Whoever gets a sniff of ANY corrupt deal, feel free to expose it here and then we can take it further. We do have some men and women of integrity in the current parlt on both sides of the floor. As much as is possible, let's gather evidence and provide it to these trusted people in the likes of Malabag and Juffa and others who can bring it up on the floor of Parlt on our behalf. We can also bring it up with OC as suggested by David Kitchnoge, provided the OC can do something about it! Go SHARP TALK in our fight against corruption!!
          about an hour ago · 11

        • Wycliffe Norotouw OMG,Margie Duckworth,Im not a new MP..hahahaha..please me no MP ya..hahah
          about an hour ago · 12

        • Ken Pep So corrupt! No wonder everyone joined the government to get all the money using the title...
          about an hour ago

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Hey you all, lets just provide some advice as I already have above for our MPs to do while they can and being amongst government. Lets see this issue as an opportunity to influence change, so lets use this as a stepping stone to effect change
          about an hour ago · 4

        • Wycliffe NorotouwRensie Xhira Bado,what is the name of the firm that was replaced?and any idea who owns it?
          about an hour ago

        • Rensie Xhira Bado I have given my reccommendations above to our members, while we the technocrats will do our bit at our end, but mostly aggrevated by your intellectual comments and debate.
          about an hour ago · 2

        • Vincent Namekat Rensie You just gather all the facts confirm them and pass on to the relevant people take it from there!!
          about an hour ago · 2

        • Chris Kaon Down with those "Desert Storm" wannbeez...
          about an hour ago via Mobile

        • Margie Duckworth WN sori mate, mi wrong ya... small tings haha
          about an hour ago

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Yes Vincent Namekat, will also try interfere from our end, I will repost on any update...they were supposed to be here by lunch but ol no kam iet
          about an hour ago

        • Wycliffe NorotouwMargie Duckworth,NO worries,I want to play along but then wouldnt be good..hahaha..nice laugh though
          about an hour ago · 1

        • Micheal MalabagJames Pima,remember that I was a strong Union advocate n was againts such practices..just got elected so give me a chance as I did not just WAKE UP.
          about an hour ago · 24

        • James Pima RXB, where do u see the personal attack in my post? My post is about taking ownership of one's decision and to continue to fight about the issue of institutionalized corruption.
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 4

        • Wycliffe Norotouw Im getting a twisted feeling about this,firstly,yes its conflict of interest,secondly,the noise seem too big for a conflict of interest only..Im just thinking the old firm must be of some interest aswell...anyone know???
          about an hour ago · 3

        • James Pima Thanks Micheal Malabag, you the man!
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 1

        • Tokaut Tokstret Wycliffe ol kolim yu MP na mi faul ya!! Hahahahahahahhah! Hey maybe it's kinda prophetic eh?? Lol
          about an hour ago via Mobile · 8

        • Wycliffe Norotouw TT,em me wok lo tingim osem stap ya..hahahaha
          59 minutes ago · 2

        • Joe SapaRensie Xhira Bado I've just inbox you my email address. Provide me all the details. I can do a quick search with the CSTB and other key agencies and perhaps inform everyone on this forum. Your post has indeed attracted lots of interest.
          52 minutes ago · 3

        • Micheal Malabag Sorry Wycliffe Norotouw,I got you confused with the new member for Obura-Wonenara Electorate who is also a sharpie.
          52 minutes ago · 8

        • Rensie Xhira Bado Hi Joe Sapa, just responded.
          50 minutes ago · 3

        • Wycliffe NorotouwRensie Xhira Bado,can you respond to my query?
          47 minutes ago

        • Jodam Allingam Hey now ST people, this is just great. As we start seeing how things are opening up with matters of grave concern, please refrain from making any conflicting comments. Make your comment short and get to the point. That way our MP reps get to read all comments and respond accordingly without getting bogged down along the way.
          44 minutes ago · 2

        • Natascious Natasha Hon. Wycliffe Norotouw! Hahahahaha
          43 minutes ago via Mobile · 5

        • Natascious Natasha Sorry tru, but can't help laughing!
          43 minutes ago via Mobile · 2

        • Wycliffe Norotouw ‎*faints*..haha
          42 minutes ago · 6

        • Rensie Xhira BadoWycliffe Norotouw, u wait mi gp askim ol officer pastem, I am currently stuck with this misis trynna complete the PNG proposal, can u give me some time.:)
          40 minutes ago

        • Wycliffe Norotouw no worries,was just your work please..nogut you busy lo Sharp Talk na wok ino pinis..
          39 minutes ago · 3

        • Paul Reinbara Ok the lizard palai or Komodo dragon face of Corruption Patrick "I am a Crook look at me" Pruaitch is back yessssssss and everyone here bashed Namah, grow up all of you sooks, bai yupla mekim wanem tanim graun ah.... whats done is done...nothing has changed and Namah was right, .
          37 minutes ago · 2

        • Kwalu Lagani Rensie, if you can release all facts before everyone becomes too emotional. Give us an update soonest.
          34 minutes ago via Mobile · 1

        • Paul Reinbara Wanpla Week ino yet na pekpek start long pile up long displa nupla gavman
          33 minutes ago

        • Rensie Xhira Bado And everyone, sorry but I have to finish this work first for our beautiful country. We are running against a 5 pm deadline..I promise to update. If tommorrow morning mipla kam na ol narapla sigi sanap lo office em bai mi update stret...
          33 minutes ago · 5

        • Simon Joseph Koum Orange camouflage??????????????
          26 minutes ago · 2

        • Geez Izzi Gullu Simon, Em mas nupla army gen yah???
          18 minutes ago via Mobile · 1

        • Leonnie Paranda This post has already become very sensitive. Rensie, if your allegations are true, well done for speaking up against corruption. If they're not, might I bring to your attention that the firm is already aware of your allegations.Just be ready to face whatever consequences that may come your way. It is always good do a good research first before posting something that even oneself is unsure of..Nogut hevi behain taim yu yet karim.
          14 minutes ago · Edited

        • Cuma Png That sounds distinctly like a threat Leonnie Paranda!
          14 minutes ago · 2

        • Richard Angeli Hon. Wycliffe a certain ring to it..LOL!
          13 minutes ago · 4

        • Leonnie Paranda I am not threatening anyone Cuma Png. I am just stating the consequences that are likely occur as a due cause of this post.
          13 minutes ago

        • Leonnie Paranda Is is not so that an employee of the firm has seen this thread?
          12 minutes ago

        • Wycliffe NorotouwRichard Angeli,me Prime Minister blo Sharp Talk now...hahhaa
          Leonnie Paranda,you sound like you have something in this aswell,can we know?
          11 minutes ago · 6

        • Leonnie Paranda The only information I know is what I've read so far in this thread.
          10 minutes ago

        • Cuma Png The poster did not name an MP or a security company. So how do you know that "the firm is aware of your allegations"? What firm? One that you yourself work for?
          10 minutes ago

        • Vincent Moses Leonie tingim hap rais blong em olsem na em kam mekim threats stap!
          9 minutes ago

        • Vincent Namekat I think the understanding is that if Rensie has facts she will pass it on it to relevant's just unfortunate that Rensie may have been pressured to reveal names which should not have happened in my opinion.
          8 minutes ago

        • Leonnie Paranda very funny Vincent, mi no wok lo company.Cuma, it doesn't take a rocket science to figure out what firm most in these thread are referring to.
          7 minutes ago
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