Friday, July 27, 2012

The Port Moresby kids who inspire me

I got an SMS yesterday evening. My baby brother's team is in the semi-finals of the rugby games in Port Moresby.

The boys at he's school formed a team and have been playing throughout the year. No coach, no trainer, no supervisor or team manager - just primary school boys doing what they love.

I've been writing about the importance of PNG being self reliant and have laid out in my recent articles, how the people in this country ended up being dependent on "outsiders to bring development".

Now, these kids playing rugby don't have that level of disempowerment that adolescents and adults have. No, not having a good coach or or any coach for that matter, has not prevented them from succeeding in what they love.

Anyway, the SMS was from my sister, telling me that our little brother was too proud to ask for help from me. He's team needs K900 to buy themselves new uniforms and stuff for the finals (FYI I'm not into rugby myself so dont know what other stuff they need). I'm giving them K200, which will make me totally broke but I'm proud of their collective achievement.

I hope these kids never get disempowered like the rest of the sheeple of PNG, when they grow up. These kids inspire me. They're my little heroes, who see a world of possibilities when everyone else has been colonized into mental slavery. Instead of the usual refrain of "mipela ino inap..." they've stretched the boundaries of possibilities. Yes we can, PNG!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

When the Sheeple elect Sheep

For the past 37 years, the sheeple of PNG have been apathetic towards the formation of governments following the general elections. The consequence of this is that the wolves that rise to power have for too long been allowed to get away scot-free with damaging the nation.

The facade of democratic government appears during the elections and once the political opportunists get into power, they become mini-dictators. The sheeple get a raw deal not necessarily because they vote in wolves but because they fail to exert pressure on the sheep that enter Parliament to do the right thing. The consequence of this is that the Parliamentary sheep get corralled by a few wolves into forming terrible government.

Some MPs think that once they've got their 'mandate' they can act as they wish. The fact of the matter is that many of those who get into Parliament act like sheep, following the herd around in search of Greener Pastures. The manifestation of this is that PNG has always had Governments with very large majorities and a minute opposition. Politicians in Papua New Guinea use primitive instincts relating herd behavior and finding resources for survival, instead of their intellectual capacity.

As a result, coalitions made up of misfits have ruled by mobocracy. The implications of this have been the undermining of the national interest. Enormous wealth has been squandered, and opportunities missed for the improvement of social indicators.

The sheeple want to have a say as to who is running their country and they must have a say. Politicians may be lobbying each other for pole position but the sheeple aren't lobbying politicians to form better governments. Is it always inevitable that the elected MPs chose whom they want or do the people extert pressure for the type of PM they want.

If western democracy is about the political elite making deals amongst themselves without considering the interests of the people, then I wish to congratulate all those who still believe in the currently flawed model of development.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The wolves, the sheep and the illussion of two choices

Are Peter O'Neil and Belden Namah the best PNG can produce to be Prime Minister? What about the rest? Did they get elected to be National Leaders or to be followers of O'Neil and Namah?

The sheeple are currently been brainwashed into thinking that the coalition being put forward by O'Neil is a Government of National Unity to produce Stability. This sounds pretty much like the creation of the Original Somare regime.

During the Somare years PNG had an unprecedented 2 terms (10 years) of relative political stability. Political stability was coupled with years of commodity price booms that saw record budget surpluses. What did the people of Papua New Guinea gain from the political stability and increased revenue. Over 10 years over K60 billion was squandered with no improvement in social indicators.  Democracy was undermined as debates in Parliament by the opposition, were gagged.

The last decade was pretty bad for the people of Papua New Guinea and many wanted Somare out of Office. When O'Neil and Namah triumphed in getting rid of Somare, the nation rejoiced. Whilst the two men may not have had legal mandate for their actions, they certainly had the mandate of the people.

The people of Papua New Guinea had gotten fed up with selfish leaders. They have now been betrayed by O'Neil by his marriage of convenience with an old guard of former Prime Ministers, who are considered by many as being either corrupt or incompetent.

The shameful reality is that the sheeple in PNG, have thrown out any rational thinking and are beginning to believe the words of the wolves who have dressed up in the sheep skin of National Unity and Political Stability. The sheeple have taken comfort in the words Stability and Unity from a bunch of wolves who know nothing about the definition of those worlds. Are Papua New Guineans that cheap so as to be fooled by assurances from wolves? Some even naively think that the coalition will learn their lessons and move forward in the best interest of the country, even though many of the major players are known power hungry psychopaths.

Somare had been equated to Mugabe by various commentators and for good reason too. At the time when amendments to the Environment Act were being protested, he's Attorney General Arnold Amet had filed a Supreme Court Reference to suspend Freedom of Speech. The sheeple of PNG were paying a huge price for so called political stability and how easily have they been led into the same trap by the same wolves.

Now let me clarify here that I'm not criticizing the O'Neil Coalition in favour of Namah. That is the false perception (giaman piksa), being put forward by those hungry for power. Its not as black and white as they would want the sheeple to think. We have over a hundred potential candidates to choose from to be Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea - not just two.

Times like this call for a sense of National Duty and surely amongst the other crop of elected politicians are men and two women who can bring this nation forward. The other elected members of Parliament must exercise their duty to the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, in serving the best interest of the nation and its people. It's time to act in the National Interest!

It is for this reason that the electors from the length and breadth of this beautifully rugged nation entrusted their elected Members of Parliament with their dreams and aspirations. These elected representatives must display leadership now or prove themselves to be nothing but mindless sheep being corralled into forming a terrible government.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Congratulations on your same old brand new Govt

Ooops! Is that Somare sitting next to O'Neil

After months of causing headache for Chief Justice Injia and his family, Somare is seated next to O'Neil and they're trying to form the next government.

Our favourite Sandaun Sniper aka Belden Namah must be asking himself why he bothered to storm the Supreme Court premises to make a citizen's arrest of Injia.

Court staff must be wondering why had been put through all the stress and anxiety.

Port Moresby residents might be wondering what all the strikes and protests were all about.

I wonder what those Policemen and Soldiers are thinking. Traipela kros bin kamap long wanem as tru - what were the police fights and mutinies for. You guys were just pawns in the political machinations of the elite.

The behaviour of O'Neil and Somare plus the other amigos who have banded together, can best be described as the epitome of selfishness. They drew the nation and it's people through so much chaos only to be in bed together again.

I did not vote in these elections. Elections are a facade and what has now transpired is proof of that. Both O'Neil and Somare won by astronomical margins so don't tell me the bullshit that "I need to vote in order to see good leaders".

So what's going to happen? We're stuck between a wall and a hard place. Or are we?

What you're seeing is a product of the Western Colonial Legacy, the colonial model of development that left behind government system that does not represent the best interest of a majority of Papua New Guineans.

There is a saying "noken pul long kanu long wanpla sait tasol" - don't just paddle on one side of the canoe. The canoe that is the nation of Papua New Guinea is being paddled from one disaster to another based on the colonial model of development. They imposed upon us systems that are clearly failing to deliver the desired results for our people.

A group of people in rural Pomio sent away polling officials. They recognize that this western colonial model of development is elitist and serves the interests of elites. The elite of this country or any other country would not want to change this colonial model because that would mean is them losing their positions of privilege.

So whether it's O'Neil or Jesus it really doesn't matter who becomes Prime Minister unless you Address the root of all evil - the western model of development. In fact, if Jesus was to be in charge, he wouldn't use the western colonial model so why should we Papua New Guineans religiously follow a flawed system.

I am not writing this post to try and influence the outcome of who becomes PM. I believe in addressing the root of the problem which is the western colonial model of development, as opposed to nipping the buds, may they be political chaos, corruption or public service incompetence. All these are symptoms of a cancerous model of development that's eating up the soul of our people.

What sort of system produces such so called leaders? Don't blame PNG culture, coz for 50 000 years before the Europeans came, things were done differently.


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Sovereignty of Landlords versus Dependency of Peasants

The road to Hell is paved with religion and westernization


The road to Hell is paved with religion and westernization

When the greedy White ruling class decided to loot the rest of the world's nations of their wealth they carried with them, their Laws, their customs, their Government, their Technology, their diseases and their Religion. The greatest lessons about how the west and by extension the western model of development work can be found in the way they shamelessly conducted themselves in other peoples land.

Their religion Christianity was about a Middle-Eastern zombie. (FYI a zombie is something that rises from the dead). They told everyone that their religion was the ONLY WAY TO SPIRITUAL HEAVEN.

The historical context of colonization is that it was coming out of a people who had for millennia since the Greek empire of Alexander, being a subversive race. First the Greeks, followed by the Romans, then the Roman Catholic Church and the European nations. They had thousands of years of experience in subverting people.

At the time Europeans decided to subvert nations elsewhere, their Religion was is turmoil thanks to a German Priest (my namesake a German Priest called Martin) who noted that the religous center of the Western model of Development, was rotten to the core.

The Catholic priests had, after centuries of wanking in monasteries, figured how to subvert people in order to exploit them off their wealth.

I'm deliberately using the word SUBVERSION or SUBVERT because to subvert a population is to make the population think that it is acting in its best Interest while at the same time undermining its interest. In simple English: they make you think you're helping yourself when in fact you're harming yourself.

In order to build St Peters Basilica in Rome they made the Europeans think that it was in their interest to give money to the Catholic Church for the remission of sins - some con job the poppies called indulgence. The premise of this was that Jesus is the only way to Spiritual heaven and the Western Church is the only way to a Middle-Eastern zombie.

So the Church thrived at the expense of the poor Europeans and the Europeans genuinely thought they were serving their best interest, until my namesake (Martin) figured the con job. Having being challenged by Martin Luther, the Church launched the Counter-Reformation. The word propaganda was first used when Pope Gregory XIII (1572-85) set up the Societas de Propaganda Fide (Society for the Propagation of Faith).

This narrative continues today not just in the one way to spiritual heaven version, but also the one way to physical heaven version. The contest for the monopoly of religious and secular ways to heaven have continued down the centuries including during the Cold War. Indeed the Cold War is a classic contest of ideas, both religious and secular.

We also see today the contest of ideas between the Islamic world and the West. For the West, there can be no other form of government than democracy. Even though, the people of Islamic Iran have higher levels of literacy and education compared to 'democratic' PNG and communist Cuba has better Healthcare than democratic America. Now, I'm not implying that PNG becomes an Islamic Republic or a Commie state, instead I'm highlighting the fact that different cultures, societies, geographical locations and historical contexts need their own unique sets of ideas to progress.

Today, many people religiously preach that the only way to physical heaven is the western colonial model of development. When my namesake questioned the One Church to Heaven narrative, he was excommunicated, riddiculed and threatened. It wasn't because he was theologically wrong, it was because some of the Elite in Europe did not wish to give up their control of religion, political power, land and resources.

The western elite set out to conquer the world with their one model of development that would replicate the St Peters Basillica social experiment throughout the world. Papua New Guineans are being hoodwinked today into paying a lot of indulgences (resources exploited by foreigners) in order to get to heaven (see development).

My namesake saw the deceit of the Western Model of Spirituality and argued that it wasn't the pope (head of the Church and the European elite) who would take people to spiritual heaven, it was the faith of the individual. You didn't have to give your resources to the Pope in order to get to heaven.

It is not necessary that we handover our resources to foreigners in order to see progress. If it was, the Founders of these nation would not have called for National Sovereignty and Self Reliance or for the wise use of natural resources or even for Our own model of development as articulated by Goal number 5 of the Papua New Guinea Constitution.

Subversion is seen as the ultimate weapon of War. It is also referred to as Political Warfare or diplomacy. It was first described by an ancient Chinese General, Sun Tzu in The Art of War. Sun Tzu writes:

"The Supreme Art of War is to subdue the enemy [a nation] without fighting."

In case you still haven't noticed yet, Papua New Guinea has already been conquered. Different parties have used arguments from the Western Model of Development, to invade the country.

We have a Malaysian who have conquered Logging and Oil Palm

We have a Chinese who have conquered the Retail sector

We have the Americans who have conquered Natural Gas

We have the Commonwealth (Australian/Canadian) miners who have conquered Mining.

We have the Filipinos who have conquered Tuna Fisheries to supply Europeans

I know there are many Papua New Guineans out there dreaming of being rich. But ask yourself, how will you gain wealth if foreigners are in charge of the sources of wealth? How will you develop your country if you don't have control of the resources necessary for creating developmental activities.

The consequence of foreigners being in control of national wealth is that we fight like dogsover elections and positions in politics and the public services, so that we might be able to collect the scraps they throw to the government coffers.

Em bai yu toktok long maus tasol long bringim divelopment, na nogat senis bai kamap. Yu ken tok yu papa na mama graun o yu risos owna tasol samtin tru em yu papa/mama long nem tasol na ol ausait lain benefit.

The West's model of development is a form of violence: Economic Violence. Look no further than Panguna, the Fly River, the Watut River, RH logging Camps, Ramu Mine, SABLs, etc... The reason you don't perceive it as violence is because you've been trained to think that it's ok - just collateral damage [remember SUBVERSION].

But just in case you don't believe me look at what's happened to Europes PIGS [PIGS stands for Portugal Ireland Greece & Spain]. Having fattened the PIGS with cheap credit, the Bankers have now taken them to the Economic slaughterhouse to trim the fat. Germany (Formerly the Holy Roman Empire, and Colonizers of New Guinea) is punishing its neighbors. Previously they fought with armies, now they use Economic Violence. Now they're telling the PIGS that it's perfectly normal and in their interest to suffer economic violence.

Ghandi described poverty as the worst form of violence. But poverty is just a symptom of economic disparity also referred to as economic violence. And economic violence is a product of the greed of a few elite. And the elite have used the Western Model of Development to enrich themselves the same way that the Catholic Church enriched its coffers with indulgences. They both promise heaven but fail to deliver.

Now you have been trained not to question these two realities: religion and development. No one wants to be anti-god or anti-westernization. If you do stray away from these two sets of belief systems either god will punish you or Americans will bomb your country.

Sun Tzu warns in the Art of War:

"Know your enemy and know yourself..."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sovereignty of Landlords versus Dependency of Peasants

Name a country that does not depend on foreigners?

Answer: probably none

Yes the so called developed world is very dependent on the third world, as they like to refer to the rest of us, for natural resources. A country like Ivory Coast produces about 50% of the world's cocoa but it would be much more expensive for the Ivorians to export Chocolate to the developed world because the developed world would prefer that the Ivorians remain inferior.

That is what development really looks like folks. 37 years on since so called independence, I empathize with the frustrations of many Papua New Guineans who see what's wrong with the current model of 'development'. What it is very good at doing is perpetuating dependence.

Ask yourself when your country will be free of Aid dependency not just from other countries, but also from Churches and NGOs. Wanem taim bai yumi sanap long tupela leg blong mipela?

What most Papua New Guineans aspire for is National Sovereignty and Self Reliance. The reason we're not achieving this is that we're using what I refer to as the Dependency Model of Development. What it does is that it creates the perception that you Papua New Guineans are an inferior people who need outsiders to come and solve your problems. Which is why a lot of Big Men with Big Egoes, speak like weaklings with major inferiority complexes.

Religion created the perception that a Foreign god was superior to the local Masalai.

Christianity told people that the sacred lands of Jews were superior to the sacred lands of Melanesians. People were told to accept the All Powerful Jewish Masalai over the Melanesian Masalai.

Religion told people that they were in the dark and needed to come to the light.

And so the story of the subjugation of Our Papua New Guinean Ways began.

Many of those colonialist, whether Religious colonialists or Secular colonialists may have been decent people only trying to do what they saw was the right thing. But what they did was to create the cargo cult mindset that persists today in the form of expecting the Government, Foreign Aid Agencies, and Foreign Investment to sot out our problems.

What this does is that it undermines National Sovereignty and Self Reliance by ensuring that the drivers of PNG's so called development agenda are actually foreigners. As soon as communities expect foreign companies and Aid agencies to built infrastructure and provide basic goods and services, they hand over their future to foreigners and are no longer in control of their destiny.

The practical implication of this is that instead of communities working together to address their local issues, they wait 'helplessly" for handouts. Over the past 37 years, many communities would have built themselves classrooms, aidposts, roads, airstrips, etc... but it seems they've been waiting for 'memba', 'gavman', 'kampani', etc... long kam wokim dispela samtin.

Anyone with a rational, objective, or scientific mind would look at the experience of outsiders failing to deliver and question the rationale for engaging with them or expecting solutions from them. Everyone sees the problems around them but when they think of solutions, they think of working with a system that: by it very nature of disempowering people, has failed to deliver so called developmental outcomes.

The root of the story of "Development" in Papua New Guinea is when some black bush kanakas were told that they were inferior to Europeans and therefore needed to "develop".

They believed that story and still do to this very day. This is despite the fact that many of those bush kanakas own land unlike most landless Europeans.

For landless Europeans, Economic Growth and Job Creation are important so that they can work in order to pay their Bank loans. This landless European model followed by much of the West is not necessarily applicable in PNG.

Yet, everything Papua New Guineans have been taught from primary school to university is based on a type of society where people are essentially Landless Peasants. The idea that "yu nid long skul gut na kisim wok' is European. Many young Papua New Guineans are being 'trained' for an economic reality that does not exist - skul pepa blong yu skul pepa nating".

It's stupid to train landed people (landlords) to be peasants. It's disempowering and borders on deliberate sabotage of a nation and it's people.

I'm not saying that we should start going back long taim blong tumbuna. What has to happen is that we recognize that there are unique difference between Western and Melanesian societies. We're not Landless Peasants who need Economic a growth for Job Creation.

What is most appropriate is to create the conditions necessary for Papua New Guineans to work their land, make a profit and pay taxes to the government. PNG's National Government is supported largely by money made by foreign mining companies and resource exploiters. The implication of this is that the miners and foreign exploiters have greater political capital than Papua New Guinean citizens.

The people of PNG need to change this economic reality by contributing revenue to the government. This is National Sovereignty and Self Reliance, as opposed to "Development" where outsiders determine whether you get improved schools and healthcare or they get "improved investment environment" such as tax holidays for miners.

Perhaps if we follow the path of National Sovereignty and self reliance; our children will have a different answer to the question I asked at the beginning of this essay.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

20 000 Burmese Muslims massacred

The world's media has not covered the genocide by Burmese military tyrants. An estimated 20 000 ethnic Muslims in Burma were massacred last month

Why hasn't the Markham fish death report released?

The Morobe Provincial administration has received the report from the University of Technology, inquiring into the suspicious deaths of aquatic creatures earlier this year. The report is yet to be released to the public. Below is an opinion piece written by a concerned scientist who wishes to remain anonymous._MN


When large numbers of dead fish littered the banks and mouth of the Markham River, the Labu people brought the issue to the media to demand answers from the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), Morobe Provincial Government (MPG), Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) and other appropriate authorities. Sometimes later, the people of Gabansis found some dead fish in the Zansam tributary to the Markham River and also demanded for investigation by appropriate authorities.

DEC responded to the Labu people’s demand and carried out an aerial investigation to find answers to this mysterious dead of fishes in the Markham River. However, the answers given by DEC were unconvincing and did not go down well with many NGO groups and right thinking citizens.

Oseah Philemon reported in the Post-Courier on the 21st of January, 2012 that DEC attributed the cause of the dead fish to large landslips near the Kumalu, Langimar and Banir rivers. The logic behind that assumption was that the landslips may have released large amounts of soil into the river systems which depleted dissolved oxygen levels, thus the fish died due to lack of oxygen.

Nevertheless, photographs posted in the newspapers showed that the dead fish in the Markham River were mostly carp, tilapia and eels. Carp, tilapia and eels are known to survive in stagnant water bodies, which usually contained low levels of dissolved oxygen. Moreover, eels are known to burrow into mud banks and live out of the water for some time, as they can breathe oxygen directly from the atmosphere. Therefore, the reasoning that the dead fishes found in the Markham River died from lack of oxygen does not add up because these fish species tolerate low levels of dissolved oxygen under natural conditions. Something more than landslips caused fish in the Markham River to die.

DEC mentioned that the department relied on MMJV to supply them with mine water discharge data on a weekly basis. This information not only gave away the department as an ineffective regulator of the environment in PNG, but it also showed how easily DEC could have been fooled by mining companies through the manipulation of mine water discharge data. It does not require rocket science for any ordinary Papua New Guinean to understand this logic.

Two types of water permits are usually administered by the DEC, the Water Extraction Permit and the Water Discharge Permit. In the case of dead fish in the Markham River the most important permit is the mine Water Discharge Permit. This is the permit that allows for MMJV to discharge water and contaminants into the Watut and Markham rivers.

Section 82 of the Environment Act 2000 confers the right to any person or organization to release water or contaminants under prescribed conditions and standards into the environment. However, there is no indication in the Act as to what those prescribed conditions and standards are. But the same section of the Act states that the permit confers the right to any person or organization to release water or contaminants into the environment subject to any prescribed conditions or conditions endorsed on it. Therefore, since the Director of DEC is the ultimate authority on the issuance of environmental permits, this suggests that the Director of DEC sets the prescribed conditions and standards on environmental permits.

Several NGO groups have asserted that environmental permits are classified documents and it has been frustrating to obtain copies of these documents from DEC. Consequently, the water permits that were granted to MMJV are classified information as well, so the prescribed conditions and standards on those permits are also classified.

Since water permits are classified information and the issuance of permits is the prerogative of the Director of DEC, it was not possible for the public to know the types of water permits that were granted to MMJV. Nevertheless, David Wissink of MMJV confirmed in the Post-Courier of 14th May, 2012 that the company operated on a permanent and a temporary permit, and a copy of that temporary permit is also posted on the Papua New Guinea Mine Watch website. The permit showed that MMJV was actually allowed to increase its water discharge per hour.

That temporary increase in water discharge obviously increased the contaminant level. Thus the dead fish in the Markham River were obviously killed due to a sudden increase in the level of contaminants in the river for a specified period only.

It was also reported in the Post-courier of 28th May, 2012 that more dead fish were found at Zansam, and Unitech scientists were tasked by the MPG to investigate the matter. After investigating the scientists stated that their findings were inconclusive because DEC had not done any studies in the area therefore there was no baseline data to qualify their investigation.

The Unitech scientists are professionals in their own right and they know that there are many ways to skin a cat, and scientists are trained to use both orthodox and unorthodox methods to conduct scientific investigations. Thus the lack of baseline data should have not been an issue for these scientists, as unorthodox methods could have been used to derive data that would have qualified their findings. Nevertheless, the scientists decided to keep mum and strike a deal with MPG to continuously monitor discharge from the Markham and Watut rivers so that they could be paid for consultancy services.

The Unitech scientists downplayed the possibility of fish poisoning from MMJV’s operations. They admitted there was cyanide in the water samples they collected, but they suggested that the cyanide was possibly washed off from surrounding rocks and soil and attributed the cause of the dead fish to bacterial infection. However, there were no qualifying statements given by the scientists as to why they believed bacterial infection and naturally occurring cyanide could have been responsible for the dead fish. Therefore, bacterial infection and poisoning by naturally occurring cyanide are remote possibilities and could not have been responsible for the dead fish in the Markham River.

It is well known that MMJV has a mutual relationship with the MPG, therefore the study carried out by Unitech scientists may have been a censored investigation. Thus the scientists may have been instructed to carry out the investigation as a matter of formality and to appease public outcry, but not to communicate the findings.

From the investigations carried out and the responses given by DEC and the Unitech scientists on the dead fish in the Markham River, it was obvious that impartiality was absent in the environmental investigations that were carried out. MMJV provided helicopter for DEC to do its aerial investigations and the MPG, which has a mutual relationship with MMJV, contracted Unitech scientists to investigate the cause of dead fish in the Markham River. So how could there be impartiality when the investigator was sponsored by the perpetrator of the environmental destruction or its cronies?

Dead fish in the Markham River and the non-impartial investigations carried out are typical of the many environmental issues and investigations this country has experienced since the year 2000. Nonetheless, lack of impartiality in environmental investigations and the downplaying of environmental disasters perpetrated by multinational corporations are just branches to a more deeply rooted issue.

The root cause to non-impartial environmental investigations and the pollution of the Markham, Watut, Angabanga and many other rivers by multinational corporations lies in the Environment Act 2000. This is the unleashed animal that has compromised the integrity of environmental protection in this country and has granted immunity to perpetrators of environmental destruction, while rendering customary landowners and other citizens powerless in the fight for their basic human rights.

The Environment Act 2000 is totally flawed and provides loopholes for which perpetrators of environmental destruction can escape prosecution, and the fines to be imposed for environmental destruction are pathetic. Therefore, the only viable solution to improving environmental investigations and to resuscitate environmental protection in this country is to repeal the Environment Act 2000 in its entirety. Unless and until this monster is repealed in its entirety, citizens and the environment of this country will continue to suffer in the guise of economic development.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Part II: The Story of Development - Cultural Genocide

Development is the creation of the perception that an introduced culture is NEW, BETTER, and SUPERIOR to a prevailing culture or social order. It is a perception that that which exists in one society is inferior to another. It is the creation of the perception that a new product is better than the old product. It is the creation of the perception of good progress without highlighting the negatives.

Development or Progress can be good and/or bad.

Development has more in common with advertising than it has with creating fair and equitable societies. It is indeed cultural genocide to the extent where it creates the idea that some cultures are inferior to other cultures. It classifies inferior cultures as undeveloped and superior cultures as developed. It creates the perception of a developed world and an undeveloped world.

Because people buy into the idea that their cultures and societies are inferior, the feel the 'need' to attain the 'NEW', 'IMPROVED', 'ADVANCED', 'MODERN' ideas, technologies, cultures, economic and political practices of another.

Let me clarify one thing here. I understand that a stone axe is inferior as an effective tool for chopping trees. Thus, acquiring metal axes is development. And as soon as a people feel the need to acquire metal axes an economic and power relationship develops where one party is superior to another.

The people who produce metal axes are automatically classified as a superior culture by those who have stone axes. The stone axe culture is classified as primitive by the metal axe culture. Development is then defined in terms of acquisition of metal axes. The story of development is what happened when metal axes defined everything. This then led to influences in religion, language, politics, trade, etc...

But what if the stone axe culture was more equitable then the metal axe culture? What if the stone axe culture shared there resources better while the metal axe culture exploited each other? What if the stone axe culture were sailing the oceans way before the metal axe culture? Today a vehicle with large greenhouse emissions is viewed as progress compared to a donkey and cart with less emissions.

People from the stone axe culture continue to be judged by the standard of the metal axe. They continue to depend on outsiders to supply metal axes. They are no longer in control of their destiny as they once were for thousands of years. Even if they start producing their own axes, they are in effect judging themselves by the same standard and in effect stating that the other culture is superior.

Producing metal axes is not development. There's nothing NEW, INNOVATIVE or ADVANCED about replicating technology. Development is when the stone age culture leaps forward to producing light sabers.

Now you understand what drives the race between nations in technological innovation. It really is about who drives the global agenda of development and human progress based on the model of 'development'. The development game is really about creating and perpetuating the power relationship between the stone axe culture and the metal axe culture.

We now ask what is more important: development for the sake of being a developed nation or the creation of more independent and equitable societies.

Development exist on the basis of exploitative innovation. Their is nothing wrong with innovation except when it becomes a tool for disempowering people and generating disparity. Because you are an undeveloped stone-axe country you need our metal axes to become developed like us. Because you're ugly, you need our beauty products to make you look better. Because you're animists we prescribe a superior deity to serve your spiritual needs.

Because everyone seems caught up in the development story, they have lost focus on creating equitable and just societies. Very few are telling stories of how certain cultures created more equitable societies. Cultures like those in Melanesia that were truly independent and where everyone has an equitable share of the land and resources.

People and cultures that want development are disempowered societies with an inferiority complex generated by another culture that dominates them.

People and cultures that want Independence and National Sovereignty, are an empowered class of citizens in control of their national economy and political processes.

The need for development comes out of being told by another culture that you're inferior- you're primitive.

The need for National Sovereignty and Self reliance is articulated by an empowered people who affirm their cultural identity and the links they have to their land and resources. These are people who understand that these resources must be sustainably managed if they are to have an independent economy and by virtue of that an independent government for perpetuity. They are a people in control of their land and resources and are able to dictate to the government their aspiration for liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Part I: The Story of Independence - Economic and Political Independence

This is Part I of a two Part Blog Post
One of the fundamental ideas behind the creation of nation states is the Right of a people to self determination. It is about a people being in charge of their destiny. The idea of a People being FULLY in charge of their own affairs is expressed in the word SOVEREIGNTY.

Sovereignty of a People expresses itself as

@ Political Independence

@ Economic Independence

@ Cultural and Societal Independence

What do each of these mean?

Political independence in its fullness, finds itself in the way Political Power is exercised by the Citizens of a Nation State. In order for Citizens to exercise these powers, they must have greater political capital than any organization, institution or foreign influence. A nation State in which it's Citizens have less Political Capital than other third parties, is not a politically independent state.

I have decided to use political capital as a marker of true political independence as it expresses who has greater influence on the agenda of a nation's highest legislative entity- Parliament.

Declarations of Independence and the creation of Parliaments are mere symbols of the desire of a People to have full power and authority to execute decisions about the destiny of their nation.

Parliaments and Constitutions are symbols of Authority. Ultimately though, the exercise of Authority or the execution of powers is determinant on whether the Authority has the resource capacity. If the Authority has it's own resources, it exercises it's own Powers. If the Authority has its resource needs supplied by a third party, its Powers are exercised merely as the will of the third party.

If the Authority has its needs supplied by its people, then it expresses the will of the people.

If one looks at the relationship between resource ownership or wealth and the exercise of political power, one understands that Political Power is based upon the ownership of wealth. In other words, economic independence of a nation, produces true political independence of a nation state. Political independence is only a facade if the nation is not economically independent.

In any context, Economic Independence, means local ownership of resources and the means of production for the utilization of natural wealth (aka natural resources). Local ownership is crucial to having the General Will of the People being expressed through a Political Authority.

If resources within a political boundary are owned and exploited by foreigners or a few elite, the Political Authority or Government reflects the will of these parties. In instances where the "state" owns the resource, the Governments decisions reflect the will of those who create the enabling mechanism for exploiting the resources. Therefore, whoever controls the wealth of a nation controls the state.

If the exploiters are state apparatuses then the government decisions reflect the will of those in power. If the exploiters are private individuals or companies, then the power relationship is relative to how much private investment went into the exploitation. The greater, the private investment, the greater the power the private investor has in the relationship.

All Governments need resources to exercise their power. It is therefore in the interest of Governments to ensure that they have a sustainable and reliable supply of resources. If the state owns and supplies its own resource needs, then the state promotes its own interests. If citizens supply the resource needs of the state, the state protects the interests of its citizens. If corporations supply the resource needs of the state, the state protects the interests of corporations.

In today's context, governments also have resources supplied in the form of loans and foreign aid. The state would obviously listen to the suggestions of these parties as well. Even Churches and other Non-Governmental-Organizations who indirectly supply resources by playing the role of the State, undermine political independence.

As a stated earlier, political independence is the exercise of the general will of the citizens by their government. As soon as the government diverges from this paradigm, the people lose political independence. Political independence however, is founded upon economic independence. Economic independence is the control of the wealth of a nation by a majority of its citizens.

Economic independence is a necessary precursor for the creation of a politically independent nation. A nation for the people and by the people is only possible where the people are in charge of the economy of the nation.



In Part II tomorrow, we will look at Cultural/Social Sovereignty and examine what it is and how it is undermined by psychopaths in order to control the Economy and by extension, Governments


Friday, July 13, 2012

Propaganda: why you need to decolonize your mind


Speculation has began as to who may form the next government. Last time around, money was behind National Alliance (mostly from Asian loggers) and well they got into Power and look what happened regarding SABLs.

This time around, theres a mix, but the loggers have been humiliated by the Commission of Inquiry into SABLs, it isn't them who will call the shots but the miners and businesses benefiting from the LNG project. Perhaps this indicates where the rot in the system must be happening i.e where Papua New Guineans are getting terribly exploited.

I'm writing this down because our people get accused of making poor choices at the ballot box. But one could also ask; what were the Americans thinking when they voted nutcases like Bush and Reagan.

4 million Papua New Guineans are voting for 111 members of Parliament. How many of these elected Members of Parliament are People's representatives and how many are representatives of Big Business?

"Violence is when idiots do not use their God given wits, and repeatedly elect crooks and thieves to steal from them," says a recent commentator on this blog.

So the question is: how do we get to a situation where "idiots do not use their God given wits, and repeatedly elect crooks and thieves to steal from them." How is it that for too long, people tolerated the brutal Soviet Republic and how is it that they tolerate the human rights abuses in China.

Well it's the same reason, why Right-Wing Americans believe the rich should be given tax cuts, Obama's universal Healthcare plan is bad, and vampire capitalism that led to the Banks stealing from Home-owners is good.

PROPAGANDA! Whether it is State-owned capitalism in China or the western corporations, capitalism has used various propaganda tools to make people undermine the common good.

Propaganda is the deliberate spreading of information to influence people to make decisions that are not in their best interest. Basically it's like advertisement for Coca Cola and junk food.

Those of you who've watched Television, read the papers, listened to television and used social networking sites, will understand what this means. You would have noticed that the National Alliance party, viewed as a proxy of thew Asians, did not have a large presence as opposed to political parties that a proxies of western mining and business interests.

Late last year, I was the first to observe that there political instability in Papua New Guinea was generated by the Geopolitical power play between the East and West in the Pacific. My observation was confirmed later by a report that came out of Harvard University.

Earlier this year, I predicted that PNG's new government would be formed by those parties backed by mining interests in PNG.

Bearing this in mind, one then asks: how come Papua New Guineans cannot just vote in their National Interest? One could also ask, how is it that Americans gave Bush Jnr a second term in Office?

PROPAGANDA FOLKS! They just call it advertising these days so that you think they have a legitimate right to make you undermine your interests and promote theirs.

So are Papua New Guineans really in charge of Parliament? No we aren't.

Are Papua New Guineans in charge of their country? Yes we are.

Papua New Guineas rural population are in charge of the country. They are custodians of vast amounts of customary land. Yet the Propaganda machine keeps telling them they have nothing and need to turn over land for so called development purposes. It is for that land and the resources contained in it that the numbers in Parliament get manipulated to suit the interests of those who want to rip off this country.

Once you give up your land in any shape or form, you're a total loser, as demonstrated by the countless cases of landowner grievances that pop up all over the country every now and then.

And it is the same capitalist propaganda that makes you buy junk; that makes you vote thieves into Power. As long as these capitalist parasites are allowed to thrive in this country, they will suck out all of PNG's natural wealth, give themselves Tax Holidays and make you dream about improved social conditions while the numbers say their is economic growth.

Over the past 10 years, PNG has had consecutive years of economic growth, without improvement of social services and well being. Any objective Papua New Guinean would therefore see that while these parasites promise economic growth, what they mean is a growth in their profits at they suck out your land, resources and cultural heritage.

Papua New Guineans don't really have control of so called democracy as it is in the hands of the money men. What they do have control off is their land and resources and they are being cheated each time they vote or sign over their land and resources.

Their are alternatives to the current model of development and many communities are putting these into practice. Even the betelnut trade is an example of the People's Economy. The good values that underlie the People's Economy are enshrined in Papua New Guinea's Five National Goals and Directive Principles and associated texts in the Constitutional Planning Committee Report of 1974.

The reason you don't hear a lot about the People's Economy is that the Government and the Education System have become propaganda machines for the Corporations Economy- you know, that economic model that talks about economic growth but fails to improve the lives of people and pays them slave wages.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Nature of Violence in #PNG


Violence is the smile they put on your face

When they donate goods bought by ripping you off

Violence is what Rio Tinto did in Bougainville

Francis Ona was only reacting to violence

Violence is the experimental mining of seabed

Because you don't care about affected coastal communities

Violence is being taught that Capitalism is better than the Hiri trade

Even though Hanuabadans have lost their valuable land

Violence is when they make you defend their model of development

Because they've fooled you into thinking they're right

Violence is when they deny you your birth rights

So you have to pay for what's already yours

Violence is when you're ripped-off by the Chinese shops

But only taking out your frustrations on buai sellers

Violence is when Papua New Guineans tolerate NPF thieves

Yet they'd kill someone who stole two kina

Violence is when men wouldn't dare speak against bad boses

But they'd shut up their wives with their fists

Violence is when fight like dogs for their girlfriends

But wouldn't stand up against loggers and miners

Violence is when the Hela can fight the Wabags at Gordons

But do not seek justice for the Tumbi disaster

Violence is when you stand in a long Bank queue

And the Bank charges enough to break your balance

Violence is when Morobeans attack street vendors from the Highlands

But fail to address the destruction of the Watut River communities

Violence is when the Police attack landowners in Pomio

But fail to remove illegal loggers in Pomio

Violence is society's double standards

Because it expects others to fix its brokenness

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Money, Power and Inequality


Money = Power

People who have wealth wield enormous influence in political and social life

In order to continue to wield the influence they accumulate more wealth for themselves

In accumulating personal wealth they hoard resources and restrict others from accessing those resources

In restricting access to resources they create scarcity which benefits themselves as they make a profit

This creates inequality and poverty in society


So your vote does not matter unless you change this model of development where wealth and resources are controlled by very few people who are unwilling to distribute such wealth. If national wealth is redistributed, what follows is a redistribution of Power.

What's right: mauswara from the buai market

Recently the United States celebrated its independence on the 4th of July. Veteran US Journalist Bill Moyers examined the contradictions of the life of Thomas Jefferson, the man credited with with writing the American Declaration of Independence.

The second declaration of the US declaration of Independence states;

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the goverened;"

Jefferson who himself had written those fine words didn't believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for he's slaves.


What this of course leads to is the fairness and consistency in the debates around the issue of development in PNG.

Last year Australian Greens Senator, Bob Brown told AAP that he was concerned about the growing negative influence of Australian mining companies in Papua New Guinea.

"It is very, very troubling ... in a marvellous country like PNG where democracy ought to be based on a fair go for everybody," Senator Brown said.

"I'm very concerned about that and ... will be continuing to raise this issue in parliament."


Senator Brown had just visited the Ramu Mine project in Madang Province which is partly owned by Australian miner Highlands Pacific. The Ramu mine will dump 100 million tonnes of toxic wastes into the waters of Basamuk Bay in the Rai Coast area. (source:

Environmental issues aside, let's ask ourselves whether Queensland based Highlands Pacific would ever be allowed to dumped such large amounts of toxic mine wastes off the Gold Coast. Would the Australian people and their Government tolerate this? It is easier for the Foreign Minister of Australia to threaten PNG with sanctions over 'democracy' than it is for him or any member of the Australian Government to criticize the unethical behavior of their miners in PNG.

Silence is consent and so the deafening silence of the Australian Government over the activities of Australian miners in PNG implies consent for their repugnant behavior. The Australian government does not seem to mind if the actions of Australian miners leads to the destruction of lives and livelihoods of Papua New Guineans. The Australian values of mateship and a fair go or being fair dinkum don't extend beyond the northern shores of Queensland.

The reality therefore is that we live in a region where Australia preaches on thing and practices another. Papua New Guineans have become weary of this and that is expressed in various anti-Australian blog posts.

This post isn't about telling Australia that it isn't a good friend. I have already done that in an Op-Ed for The Age newspaper in Melborne. My intention is to highlight to Papua New Guineans the need to be weary of those who preach about 'doing what's right', including myself of course.

A lot of sheeple continue to make the mistake of defending ideals or religious beliefs even though these so called set of values end up destroying lives of people. The effect of these double standards is that people fail to have a perspective of the harmful effects of their prejudices.

There are probably more people in this country, appalled with the idea of NAMAH storming the Supreme Court than their are appalled by the injustice of that same court allowing Sino-Australian miners to dump millions of toxic waste into the coast off Beautiful Madang.

There are probably more people in this country, appalled by the idea of NAMAH being Prime Minister over O'Neil, even though O'Neil was implicated in the NPF scandal that wiped out the savings of many poorly paid workers!

There are probably more people in this country, appalled by gay guys and gay marriage, even though a lot of heterosexual guys rape women and bash their wives!

There are probably more people in this country, who hate the "pick-pocket boys" than the Chinese shop-owners, even though the biggest thieves are those selling poor quality, fake goods!

There are probably more people in this country who have preached "thou shall not steal" at their congregation s without pointing a finger at theft within the Church.

There are probably more people who think Bougainvilleans are violent people even though the Greatest Violence was perpetrated by the PNG government and Australian miners, who are both responsible for the deaths of 15 000 Bougainvilleans.

There are probably millions of Papua New Guineans who wouldn't wanna be selling buai like me, even though a good number of them would be broke and asking for Dinau from a buai seller.

The next time you read a piece I've written, ask yourself what baggage you have, that prevents you from being open-minded. perhaps, you need to decolonize your mind! For as long as you defend a flawed system and a model of development that isn't working for Papua New Guineans, you will never get the 'Change' you so dearly desire!

The model of development for PNG is expressed in its fullness in the 5 National Goals and Directive Principles as enshrined in the Constitution of PNG. Sadly, that same Constitution makes that development agenda redundant by making it non-justiceable. That has to be changed amongst various other political, social and economic reforms that are necessary for moving this nation forward.


Friday, July 6, 2012

HIV on the rise in East New Britain

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"HIV on the rise in East New Britain. source Dr Kevin Pondikou, physician at Nonga Gen Hospital #PNG "

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Legalized murder: Miners allowed to poison people

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"#PNG allows miners to poison its people"

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