Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sode to meet NEC regarding Oriomo SEZ

The world is about to discover a little backwater agriculture station that has been abandoned for decades is about to be jazzed up by the forces of globalization. Oriomo in the South Fly District of Western Province is about to be transformed into a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

David Sode, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) Ltd announced this today to members of the Western Province, Provincial Executive Council (PEC). Mr Sode said that the proposed SEZ will be serviced by the Daru Deep Water Port to be also built by PNGSDP.

"It will transform this province. It will be as big as Ok Tedi", Mr Sode said with regards to the Oriomo Industrial Zone.

Mr Sode also highlighted the need to educate the Western Province population in preparation for such projects. "We need to get our children ready to participate in such activities," Mr Sode told the PEC members.

Next week Tuesday, Mr Sode and his team are expected to meet with the National Executive Council to present their case for Government support for the project. Mr Sode also pleaded for political support from Western Province Governor Ati Wobiro.

Such a project will need enabling legislation and fiscal incentives such as tax concession. A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is also commonly known as a Free Trade Zone. Such Industrial Zones have been credited with the raise of China as an Economic Power have made the phrase "Made in China" famous.

SEZs have also become infamous for sweat shops and poor standards, as is the case with the exploitation of Chinese workers and the poor quality Chinese goods sold around the world.