Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why are many Papua New Guineans a bunch of idiots?

BY George

[I don’t usually post comments as blog posts but one commentator raises some important matters that need serious contemplation by all _ MN]


oneilsaysThere's 100k PNG citizens online. 80k citizens on Facebook. Let's double that number and estimate that there's 200k PNG people online. Compare 200k of them, to few million plus voters. Why would politicians be bothered to listen to the petition of 200k voices, claiming to be representing the few million voters? When clearly they're not.

The voters have spoken by electing crooks and thieves into parliment again. They have voted to take it up their behind for another 5 years.
I really doubt the politicians will be bothered to listen to this online petition when it clearly does not represent the wishes of the majority of png voters.

The problem is not with our leaders, Australians, Chinese traders/triads or Interpol fugitives. The problem is within. It's ourselves.

The wantok and bigman culture is killing our country. Because of wantok culture, we repeatedly choose our wantoks as leaders regardless of how bad they are for the country.
Because of bigman culture, we are not capable of independent thinking but are easily misled by conman posing as leaders.

Nothing has changed because we have not changed how we think, and how we vote.
we condemn that the NA scums and crooks are back in parliament. In Pomio, Paul Tiensten was re-elected, despite selling off the land of the people for 99 years (SABL). In East Sepik, Grand thief Somare was re-elected, despite treating the country like his own personal piggybank.

Peter O’Neil was re-elected with a landslide, despite betraying the workers of this country through the NPF scandal.

Ano Pala was re-elected, despite bringing in a fugitive to monopolize our rice, and allowing Asians a free pass.

Other examples:

(1) Peter O’Neil and Michael Somare used the police/army/judges to fight for them. Police fought their fellow brothers, army attacked their own comrades. chief justice was arrested. What for? For Peter and Michael to kiss and make up after the election? Making all of us look like fools?

(2) Michael Malabag lead a huge public protest, for timely election. ranting and railing against Peter O’Neil? What for? For Malabag to kiss and grovel at Peter's feet after elections?

(3) Belden claiming to be Jesus Christ of PNG. Yet Belden was PNG’s Judas - in charge of issuing logging permits to SABL thieves? That’s how Belden managed to accumulate massive wealth in less than 10 years as a forest minister?

(4) Chinese traders are setting up shops all over the place. like mushrooms after the rain.
but do you know that the store owners are mostly PNG locals? The Chinese traders just rent the stores from the locals.

All of these crooks and scoundrels came into power because we the voters empower them.
If we don't change our wantok and bigman culture: we will forever be responsible for our sad fate, not the Australians, not the Asians, and any other nations that we choose to blame.