Saturday, February 4, 2012

MV Rabaul Queen Disaster: Survivor story


399911_366891756657240_100000092574018_1589129_150296290_nThis is a story from my younger brother,who was on board MV Rabaul Queen when disaster struck.

Just brief.

There were actually 780 passengers on board. 420 from Rabaul/Kavieng /Buka and 360 from Kimbe. OVERLOAD stret.

Mostly young children ,mothers and students. There weren't any emergency procedures or demonstrations when they got on the ship and the shipping agency didn’t limit passenger intakes.

Due to the bad weather and high seas the ship tipped over towards the right hand side and ONLY the fit and the ones outside the landing jumped off for their lives ,the ones in the cabins couldn’t due to time limitations and panic. It took 2 minutes for the ship to sink.The first 109 survivors was rescued by a North Korean/Mongolian ocean liner on its way to Australia. The rest was from a local boat.None of it was Australian Army or PNG navy nor the disaster authority boats. The newspapers raft boat pictures not all true.

Don’t believe what the media is saying. BullSh!t PNG media and Australian Media personal.
My sincere condolence to the families of those not found .My prayers with you all.

I'm still missing a high school friend and room mate -Kolish Wutgah……..who left behind 3 sons to go to school -Lae Tech. Hope they find her.